Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 2015 iPad News

Massabesic Students,

We have recently received information about apps that are on school iPads that are inappropriate and causing distractions in school.

One app is titled "After School".  The app is designed to allow students within a school to send each other anonymous messages.  While the designers encourage safe use, we have heard of multiple occasions where very inappropriate messages are being sent to other students.

Another app that will be added to the list is "Yik Yak".  Yik Yak allows a user to send messages anonymously to other users in a five-mile radius.

The second group of apps emit high frequency sounds that is typically very difficult for older adults to hear. Students have been playing these in class and disrupting learning.

All of these apps will be blocked from school iPads beginning December 3, 2015 at 12:00. As a reminder, when our management software sees an app on your iPad that is on the blocked list, it will lock the iPad. The user will also be required to go to the tech shop to have it unlocked, triggering a report to administration.  Please be certain that apps on this list are removed from your iPad by noon on December 3.

For a full list of the apps that are being blocked, please go to our district technology web page.

The second message is about iPad insurance.  We are starting to get iPads brought into our shop that have been damaged.  While the rate of damage is far less than last year, the cost is still higher than families will want to pay.  At this point in the year, the prorated cost of insurance is a little under $19, covering all accidental damage such as breaks and water damage to the iPad and to the charger. This is far less than the cost of repair for iPad damage.  If you are interested in investing in iPad insurance, please contact Kevin Perkins with your name and your child's name.  The exact cost of insurance will be determined and then communicated to you.  You will be covered once we receive your payment in the tech shop.

Thank you.

Kevin Perkins
Director of Technology

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