Thursday, November 13, 2014

iPad App Update and Q&A

Students, Parents, and Staff,

While we still have some students come in with locked iPads, this is a very rare occurrence.  Thank you for your help in keeping appropriate apps on the school iPads.

We have found two more apps that are showing up on more iPads each day.  We will be adding the following two apps to our list:
vShare - vShare is designed to download paid apps for free, breaking licensing laws.

Whisper - Whisper is a social media app that allows users to post anonymous comments.  Like Yikyak, Whisper is known to be a tool for bullying in schools.

We ask that these apps be off iPads by Friday night, November 14 so that the iPad has a chance to check in to the system to see that the apps are off. We will restrict the apps on Monday morning.  Any iPad with vShare or Whisper will lock down after the restriction settings are put into place.

A complete list of removed apps can be found on the RSU 57 Technology Website.

Thank you for your help.

IPad Q&A
How will students know when their iPads are ready to pick up? When and where do they pick them back up?  The tech support person will contact the office, who will ask the student to go the tech room to pick up their iPad. At that time the student will be told what we found so that he/she knows what to avoid in the future.

Kevin Perkins
Director of Technology