Tuesday, October 28, 2014

iPad October 28 Update

Parents, Students, and Staff,

Thank you all for your patience in the process of unlocking all of the iPads that came to the tech department for the past week after being locked because of an app that needed to be removed from the iPad.  I want to inform you of things that we learned through this process and let you know the apps to stay away from in the future.

We began last Thursday with over 150 snapchat apps, over 75 Puffin apps, over 100 Kik apps, and more than 75 VPN apps.  We have brought these numbers down to 24 Puffin apps, 50 snapchat apps, 22 Kik apps and 12 VPN apps.

The apps listed below are not to be on the iPads even at home.  The MLTI iPads check in with the State management system throughout the day, no matter where the iPad is checking in.

Timing is Everything.  Students that removed the apps on Wednesday night or Thursday morning were often locked out because our lock out code was processed before the iPads checked into the system.  These cases resulted in a quick turnaround.

Connection to Your iPhone - If you have your iPhone and iPad set up to sync, it is very possible that you could download one of the blocked apps onto your iPhone and it automatically shows up on your iPad, resulting in a locked device.  This can be rectified with a change in settings.  Go to settings, iTunes & App Store, scroll down to automatic downloads, and uncheck Apps.  This will force you to manually place apps on your device, but will potentially prevent a headache. 

App Title and Function - Apps that have the name of a targeted app in the name (ex: Video for Kik Messenger) will be targeted as well because the system looks for the name of the app in the title and app description. 

There are also apps that are built to support targeted apps that will also lock the iPad.  Examples that we came across many times are apps that are designed to change a person's eye color or appearance.  These apps were made for Kik and Snapchat.

Removed iPad Apps
All apps with VPN (Virtual Private Network) in the title or description.
Puffin Free
Video for Kik Messenger
All apps meant to change eye color or appearance
Opera Mini

Thank you,

Kevin Perkins
Director of Technology

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